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2 Most Haunted Places in Agra Which You Should Avoid to Visit


Agra is a popular travel destination in India and one of the most visited cities in the country. The city’s popular heritage site, The Taj Mahal is visited by thousands of tourists each day. It is a beautiful heritage site which have wonderful design and interior. It is a popular destination among the foreign tourists. However, the city of Agra has a few spooky places where most of people avoid to pay visit after late evening.

So, let’s see most haunted places in Agra.

2 Most Haunted Places in Agra Which You Should Avoid to Visit

1. St. John’s College

St. John’s College is one of the oldest colleges in India. This amazing college was established in 1850 in Agra to promote education in Agra and nearby cities. The first principal was Rev. Thomas Valpy French from 1850 to 1859.

According to TripAdvisor discussion topic, St. John’s College is one of the haunted places in Agra. According to the said topic on TripAdvisor, many students have committed suicide for one reason to another. A few people have seen shadows doing whistling and walking on the railing of the college after 2:00 am. However, there is no official confirmation of the said incidents.

St. John's College, Agra
St. John’s College, Agra

2. Agra Fort

According to a few online websites and the said TripAdvisor discussion topic, the Agra Fort is considered as one of the most haunted places in Agra. Many people have been killed in this fort since its construction. May be, it is one of the reasons for this place to be considered as one of the haunted places in Agra.

Most cemeteries, and crematorium are popular places in each city which are considered as the most haunted places. Most of people avoid visiting these types of places. So, if you have fear of ghosts and its tales, then you should stay away from the above mentioned places in Agra.

Agra Fort, Agra
Agra Fort, Agra

Do not forget to share your thoughts, experiences, and comments about above mentioned places.

Article Title: 2 Most Haunted Places in Agra Which You Should Avoid to Visit

Article first published on January 10, 2016.

  1. Ananya says

    I don’t think that St John’s College is haunted

  2. chitrasen says

    Nonsense what is this if you have the pictures then why not the reasons behind the scenes.

  3. Dheeraj says

    Crap !!!!

    1. Simran says

      I am from Agra and the thing you said about St.Johns is totally true my sister’s roommate committed suicide without any particular reason we all have seen shadows in corridors and even sometimes we hear teenage girls chatting but there is no one the most heard is a girl who committed suicide her name was Pooja and her best friend’s Shrishti after Pooja’s death Shrishti would hear Pooja calling her name and would find lip prints over her body because Pooja loved kissing on mirrors and walls and left lip prints same lip prints were found on Shruti’s body and last year in November Shruti committed suicide and wrote that her best friend needs her and Pooja was her best friend……..

      1. Arif Alam says

        Dear I want to meet you for this storie

      2. Purabi Mitra says

        I am from Agra and studied in St john’s college but I. have not heard any ghost story about this college.I love my st.johns college.

  4. Anmol says

    I think u r right

  5. Jazz says

    Agra fort is not a haunted place as I had been there once late night at 11 o’clock and I didn’t saw any such story outta there .

    1. Purabi Mitra says

      You are right because I am from Agra and often visited late but no suspence was there.

  6. Vanshika says

    What?? But I don’t think so st. John’s college is haunted??

    1. aman says

      sahi kha apne vanshika

  7. Praddyx says

    Crap both these places are not even close to haunted bro go get some creativity before generating such stuff and yes a good research too

  8. HARRY POTTER says

    Nonsense, what rubish

  9. Arkajyoti says

    Nice Story!! limit of creativity ;P

  10. Bunty says

    It’s true really very haunted college..

  11. RIYA says


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