GTU Campus, Ahmedabad

2 Most Haunted Places in Ahmedabad To Feel The Spirit

Ahmedabad is one of the largest cities in India and the commercial capital of Gujarat. The city was also known as the ‘Manchester of India’. The city has a good number of haunted places.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the most haunted places in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Please note, we have compiled this list based on news articles, and personal blogs information.

2 Most Haunted Places in Ahmedabad To Feel The Spirit

1. Gujarat Technological University (GTU) Campus

GTU, an university located in the state of Gujarat, responsible for conducting engineering, management, and other examinations in the state. The campus is located in the city of Ahmedabad. According to Ahmedabad Mirror, “Vijay Vaghela, incharge at Anusuya Outsourcing that posts peons and liftmen at GTU, said, “Our employee Jignesh Shah was using the GTU lift around 5 pm on Saturday when he felt the presence of a woman next to him. He has not been talking or sleeping since then. He has become mentally disturbed.”

However, GTU officials denied any spirit haunts the campus.

GTU Campus, Ahmedabad
GTU Campus, Ahmedabad

2. Signature Farms, Near Manipur Lake, Bopal

Signature Farm is one of the most haunted places in Ahmedabad according to many blogs and websites. Many people shared their experiences on popular social media site Facebook when they visited the place at midnight. A few people also dared and visited this place at midnight. However, no incidents have been reported so far in any newspaper or magazine according to our knowledge.


Please do not hesitate to share information on the most haunted places in Ahmedabad. Please do not send any places without correct information and references. We will be more than happy to add it.

We have written this article just for information based on media reports, social media confessions, status updates and blogs.

We hope that the information on the most haunted places in Ahmedabad will be useful to all readers.

Article last re-published on March 8, 2016.

30 thoughts on “2 Most Haunted Places in Ahmedabad To Feel The Spirit

  1. Hello, Thanks for your informative article. I am looking for information on most haunted places in Bopal, CG Road, SG Road, Satellite Road, University Road, Navrangpura, Shahpur, and Vejalpur.

  2. I am also looking for haunted places in Sabarmati Area, Kalupur, Naroda, Vejalpur, Manek Chowk, Maninagar, Naranpura, Paldi, Navrangpura, Raipur, Raikhad, Nandej, Ranip, Rakhial, Memnagar, Bapunagar, and Usmanpura.

    1. if you really interested there are few in Ambawadi area. One is Mokshalaya bungalow in the Ambawadi market. 2nd is some abondoned housing blocks in the Esic Society on the Shreyas Tekra and one more called “Daan No Bungalow” near Punita Park Society.

    2. Tomorrow me nd frnds will go in signature farm after midnight nd investigate for the truth .
      If u join us send email
      But come with owners risk nd with protection

  3. If possible, I would like to get information on most haunted places in Motera, Chandlodiya, Naranpurvistar, Chandkheda, Mandal, Juhapura, Jivraj Park, Amraiwadi, Revdi Bazar, Rampura, Rajpur Gomtipur, Agol, Thaltej Road, Bhadiyad, Bhojva, Chaloda, Shah-E-Alam, Ambawadi, Dariapur, Gandhi Ashram Road, Gheekhanta Road, Gujarat University Road, Isanpur, Gita Mandir Road, and Girdhar Nagar.

  4. Could you please provide a list of most haunted places in Jamalpur, Jawahar Chowk, Kankaria Road, Khadia, Khanpur, Madhupura Market, Sharkhej, Kuber Nagar, Vastral, Virochan Nagar, Vatva, and more. Thanks in advance

  5. Hi, I live in Bopal,Ahmedabad. We often Go to Signature farm for chll-outs. Once we visited at the evening. the sun was on the dusk. Many of us listened the hissing sound near the statue of buddha On the entrance of the Signature Farm. And many of our friends experienced too the presence of abnormal sound. So we please not to go there after the sunsets. This is real that there is the presence of spirits.

    1. i wanted to see the most spookiest places i ahmedabad gujrat and reasearch for it thanks to this web site for the good information…….

  6. The activities regarding signature farm is just useless because thrice at midnights with my fends but I can’t explored paranormal activities over there

  7. Last Sunday we were going to Signature Farms, Near Manipur Lake, Bopal. We stayed between 7 pm to 8 pm. we have two vehicals one car & activa but we did not have any expiriance.

  8. (FEEL CREAM) 29/8/2016 i visited today. At 4pm to 9pm. We click awesome place in camera. My gf don’t know about this place. But i know everything about this place. I feel abnormal activities during 8:30pm near at Chinese theam. My gf still not aware of this After that i quickly find outside way. Dont wasting too much time. I suggest don’t go after sunset.

  9. Guys i got a news for you guys there’s a bungalow near Geeta Mandir. A bungalow worth Rs 15 crore and because of some paranormal activities the owner is selling the bungalow just for 2 crore

  10. I visited signature farm today at early morning.. 7a.m..its a lovely place to hangout in day..about night i don’t know..

    1. It’s true I went there yesterday I felt the spirit and the sound of a women laughing and shauting and I was so scared I will never go in this campus never..

      1. but the fact is uh ppl herer sound bcoz ur mind knw tht there is some paranormal activity….but uh guys dnt knw uh wont b able to recognize..!!! like for instance if uh here the story of MILAN he had listened weird sonds but not his gf..!! coz she dont knw abt it…!!! its all stories ppl..!! its on ur mind tht how uh accept things n how uh react..!!!

        1. Yes u r right my frnd but if u or some some visit that place ,just shoot in ur phone or camara nd take proof is it real or fake
          Me nd my frnds will go there tomorrow nd investigate that place which is it really haunted or fake

  11. Yes as it is said “It’s all in your mind”… Just firmly believe that you are surrounded by most positive auras you won’t ever experience any paranormal activities. It is like whenever we enter such places the only thing that’s goes on in our mind is ghost or presence of any paranormal activities but we firmly go there with a belief that the positivity within you is way more powerful to overcome such things we’ll surely be at peace.I can say this cz I have experienced it.I never ever wear any religious threads or anything that protects me from such things but the only faith in god & the utmost belief of his presence with me creates a positive aura which never made me face any paranormal experiences till date. Gujarati ma ek kehvat che “Mann na nambda manvi kya mane che tu aavi vaat jya manas ne manas na vadge tya aatma kyathi kare nivas”

  12. Actually the truth is like if we believe in peranormal activities we can realised the activities

    I think it’s also depend on ur Gun

    Dev Gun
    Manushya Gun
    Rakshash Gun

    Rakshash Gun will definitely realised the peranormal activities
    But for Dev Gun and Manushya Gun will not realised that spirit

    I like to visit this type of places because I also want to know which kind of other world between us.

    If you want to visit The Most Hounted Place of Asia is Bhanghar near Alwar Rajasthan
    I love to visit Bhooto Ki Nagari Bhanghar

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