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Most Haunted Places in Allahabad for Paranormal Activities

Allahabad is one of the largest cities in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is the home of many haunted places. You could find many ghost stories as well as paranormal experiences by many internet users. It is difficult to track each and every place’s authenticity about these incidents. We compiled list based on experiences shared by other Internet users, news stories, blog entries, and other.

Most Haunted Places Blog has compiled a list of most haunted places in Allahabad for paranormal activities.

Most Haunted Places in Allahabad for Paranormal Activities

1. Girl’s Hostel, Agricultural University, Allahabad

The girl’s hostel in the Agricultural University, Allahabad is one of the most haunted places in Allahabad. The campus of the said hostel is believed to be haunted. You would not get much information about the ghost’s history.

However, we couldn’t find any other news article stating that girl’s hostel is haunted.

Allahabad Agricultural University
Allahabad Agricultural University

About Allahabad City

  • City Population: 1,117,094
  • PIN Code: 211001-18
  • Vehicle Registration: UP-70
  • Telephone Code: 0532
  • City Area: 70.5 Sq. Km

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Note: You can also share information on most haunted places in Allahabad with us. We will be those places in this article to educate our readers. Please do not send fake stories. Only send information if you have really experience yourself.

Article first published on October 29, 2015.

9 thoughts on “Most Haunted Places in Allahabad for Paranormal Activities

  1. Hi! You have provided a nice list of most haunted places in Allahabad. You should also need to mention the most haunted places in Manda, Meerapur, Mohatsim Ganj, Lukarganj, Manauri, Mutthiganj, Shashtri Nagar, Lowther Road, Subedarganj, Old Katra, Shankargarh, Muhibuddinpur Bharetha, Madaripur, Mumfordganj, Tagore Town, Marauka Uparhar, Mahewa, Miurabad, Muirabad, Naini, Nai Basti, Vivek Vihar, South Malaka, and Mirzapur.

  2. If possible, please also cover some of the haunted places in Beli Goan, Alopi Bagh, Pipalgaon, Khuldabad, Bhawapur, Chandpur, Allen Ganj, Rajapur, Teliarganj, Chauphatka, Kydganj, Shamim Market Colony, Rajrooppur, Rasulabad, Dandi, Phaphamau, Pritam Nagar, Sahson, Rani Mandi, Andawa, Bhola Purva Sulem Sarai, Colnel Ganj, Daraganj, and Civil Lines.

  3. You have provided wonderful information on most haunted places in Allahabad. You should also need to write something about scary places in Dhoomanganj, Kalyani Devi, Himmatganj, Gauhania, Jhalwa, Kareli, Bairhana, Kalindipuram, Karchana, Bamrauli, Gangotri Nagar, Devghat, Darbhanga Colony, Katra, Arail, Ghayasuddinpur, George Town, Kala Danda, Allahapur, jhusi, Handia, Ashok Nagar, and Iradatganj.

    1. Well, i am a researcher on parapsychology and in areas mentioned by you, i have only experienced and clearly figure out that there is presence of huge negative energy at New Yamuna Bridge and a presence of deep negative power at baihrana chauraha, which is just opposite to old christian cemetry and baihrana railway crossing but the effect of these energy is nearly neutralised due to presence of temple of mother kaali and lord Hanuman. Some part of darbhanga colony and george town is also under research as people living there basically who spend nights on roadside has questioned about the movement of a small baby, who suddenly disappear in darkness and the increased lightening power of any flammable product just after the square of Priti N. Home.

  4. Kanehati house number 1 manas niwas…6 log dophar jinda jalkar mar gaye…is the most haunted place in allahabad …..kutte billi bhee itrate hai is raste ….savdhan kahi aapka Kanehati jana maut ka karan ban jaaea

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