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3 Most Haunted Places in Assam Which Will Scare You


Assam is a beautiful state that beholds the stories and secrets of a lot of haunted places, who died a painful death. There are so many places or forts or valley in Assam has a history or a twist which makes a more interesting. Today I am going to tell you about 3 Most Haunted Places in Assam Which Will Scare You.

3 Most Haunted Places in Assam Which Will Scare You

1. Jorhat Gymkhana Club

Jorhat is a second largest city in the state of Assam. The original Gymkhana Club is located about 2 km to the east of the present building, which was only a quaint little woodhouse and situated in the middle of the racecourse. There are a lot of mysterious happening in this original Gymkhana Club in Jorhat. There are some different noises, sound and inhumane things are heard during midnight. The Jorhat local people say sometimes black magic is also done and found different types of symbols in the various parts of Gymkhana Club house.

Jorhat Gymkhana Club Assam
Jorhat Gymkhana Club, Assam

2. Jatinga Village

Jatinga Village having around 2500 population, which is located in Dima Hasao district of Assam. This village is worldwide famous for its unexplained phenomenon of mass bird suicides during moonless nights. Most of the birds visiting the area never leave the Jatina Village, these birds death between approximately 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. These birds’ mass suicides occur on a 1 mile by 600 feet strip of land.

Jatinga Village Assam
Jatinga Village, Assam

3. Hahim Picnic Spot

Hahim is a famous picnic spot for the residents of Guwahati, which is few kms away from Guwahati in Assam. There are some abnormal activities and some unnatural sounds heard by some persons. Hahim Picnic Spot is beautiful natural place, when come evening it turns into dark silent place.

Hahim Picnic Spot Assam
Hahim Picnic Spot, Assam

About Assam State

Assam state is famous for silk, tea and first oil well in Asia. There is one place Mayong, which is located in between hills of Assam is called the land of black magic. Mayong attracts many tourists since very long for black magic, but still doesn’t have a documented history. Mayong is nearby Morigaon village, which is 40 kms away from Guwahati in Assam state.

  1. Reva says

    Believe this!The club….

    1. Gauravjyoti Dutta Kalita says

      Very cool place to stay.. The gymkhana club…i have stayed 6 times at night.. Nothing paranormal..I had a very nice sleep.. And the morning was even more beautiful… Different kinds of Birds chirping..a pleasant experience

  2. jigyash says

    very stupid nothing horror here

    1. Zab@king says

      Are you jocking .

      1. Arnav basumatary says

        it’s joking not jocking for your kind information…???

  3. anoushkaaa says

    I don’t believe in ghosts but sometimes the situation leaves me to believe … And the Gymkhana club is haunted .. I think so

    1. Nayan says

      i don’t believe in this shit coz the haunted house in gymkhana, more then 30 of my friends use to smoke weed there…!

    2. NAVNIT R.J. DAS says

      Yaaa I also believe that

  4. RuBuL borah says

    yes I do belive

    1. Rupok Roy says

      Hey boss join our group in facebook….


    Yeah i believe in the club because once i went there and sometin’ strange was happening to me……

    1. ritu says

      I don’t believe

    2. Neha says

      What strange happened with you, please share , i am interested to know that.

    3. @du says

      what was that strange thing that happend to u?

  6. rohit says

    Ya me also i saw some paranormal activities near the house…when we (Lam nd Eva)went to roam at around 8:30….it ws too scary

  7. baba ram says

    Gymkhana place , baba ,marijuana, ganja ????????????????????????????

  8. doni buragohain says

    yes I believed ghost because I experiences in ghost. I will see the ghost .my father will dead.and he had also person who’s some not work complete.so he had already a ghost type.

    1. xxx says

      My god ur English is too good😂😂😂

  9. puja says

    wht strnge hppnd guys plz tell us i’m also inrstd.

  10. abhinash gautam says

    damn!i do belive cause when i was a small kid something terrible happened to me…..

  11. Rahul says

    Its true because once u enter the gymkhana club it makes u uncomfortable and u start feeling strange…. ????????????

  12. Krishna says

    frnds m not expert but still i have read alot of things about ghost u didn’t see them but i know how we can see them…and i didn’t know the full story so any 1 whu know the story pls tell me….u can also tell me. I am from ghy so pls whu know the full story pls tell me

  13. jeet Bhattacharjee says

    I am a ghost

  14. ayon dey says

    Ghost i think its a power of another world.. We understand its as soon some evil some good science not about its idea they know it very well.. .. Bhangr England hotels like another careful

  15. Dave says

    Lets make a documentary. Serious party ping me

  16. Mosom Panggeng says

    Most of the people say gymkhana is one of the most hunted places in Assam, but every night around 12:30 am midnight we were always there to drinks wine but still today I have never heard some such kind ghost sound, I don’t believe this paranormal…

  17. Braun storman says

    Ghost really exist in gymkhana club I have experience d it….

  18. Braun storman says

    Ghost really exist in gymkhana club I have experience d it….

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