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Most Haunted Places in Darjeeling For Sleepless Nights


Darjeeling is a beautiful travel destination in the state of West Bengal. The city of Darjeeling has many beautiful mountains, parks, and amazing tea gardens. It is a must to visit place in the state of West Bengal. However, Darjeeling is also a popular place for many haunted places/ghost places. We have compiled a list of such places i.e. most haunted places in Darjeeling for sleepless nights.

Most Haunted Places in Darjeeling For Sleepless Nights

Dow Hill Kurseong

Dow Hill is a popular hill located in Darjeeling. The hill is also a famous place for many unusual activities/paranormal activities. Many amazing and best modern schools are located near the hill and forest.

According to local people, many persons have been killed near the forest. Due to untimely death of many persons, a few of them haunts the place and nearby schools. The hill and forest is also known for mysterious activities and behaviors. According to the local people experiences, many of them have seen a headless boy in the forest area. However, there is no causality reported till date from the ghost but you should avoid this place after late evening. Thus, Dow Hill is also considered as one of the most haunted places in Darjeeling.

Dow Hill, Darjeeling
Dow Hill, Darjeeling

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Article first published on January 25, 2016.

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