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10 Ghost Hunters in India Whom You Should Contact For Ghost Healing


10 Ghost Hunters in India Whom You Should Contact For Ghost Healing: The Ghost Hunters is a person who claims regarding the presence of spirits, aliens, Djinn, lake monsters, the chupacabra, ghosts, demons, paranormal activities and other strange things for investigation. There are lots of haunted places in India some are known, some unknown. Most of time a ghost hunting team is reported particular locations that to be haunted by the spirit or ghost or other strange things. Here we listed 10 Ghost Hunters in India who would definitely very useful to you. Do you love chasing a ghost or spirit and testing haunted places? Who loved a lot they will be become Ghost Hunters.

10 Ghost Hunters in India Whom You Should Contact For Ghost Healing

1. Team Pentacle

The Team Pentacle is a research team on paranormal activities and ghost or spirit in India. This team is a research on the hidden world of paranormal of ghost, spirit, haunting and other strange object. The Team Pentacle provides the courses for aware of the various paranormal activities happening.

Team Pentacle


The full form of SHARP is Spirit Hunting And Research in Paranormal, which is located at Banglore, India. SHARP is Bengalore’s own nonprofit ghost-buster group, which is founded by Dr. Rahul Kumar in 2008. The SHARP team work 24/7 on haunted places. All paranormal investigators of the SHARP team are getting the best way to solve a case.

Spirit Hunting And Research in Paranormal

3. Spooked

The Spooked team, which includes 9 members, was founded by Roy in 1992. This team is getting the deal on investigation and research on fraud cases, black magic, and unseen energy. You can contact them through gmail and twitter.


4. GRIP Team

The GRIP means Ghost Research & Investigators of Paranormal team is a paranormal investigator, who is educated, professional and learns systematic training and scientific research on paranormal activities. You can become a professional paranormal investigator by an online training portal for Indian paranormal society in the GRIP academy.

Ghost Research & Investigators of Paranormal team

5. Archaeological Haunting

The Archaeological Haunting society is located at Jalandhar, India. They love to continue research on haunted locations and the history of those haunted locations. On this website, they list various cases solved by paranormal societies.

Archaeological Haunting

6. Indian Paranormal Team

The Indian Paranormal Team founded in 2013, and they helped people to solve their problems related to Paranormality quickly. The people were more and more satisfied with the result and their solutions. In this team there are 5 members and each of them has a God gift. They have brave in investigators and feel the energies and communicate with spirit.

Indian Paranormal Team

7. Spooky Paranormal Society

The Spooky Paranormal Society is located at Delhi, who believes that the experiencing the different paranormal activities and the team has research on the paranormal activities and supernatural power.

Spooky Paranormal Society

8. Paranormal Research Society

The Paranormal Research Society team is a research on supernatural power, unseen energy and paranormal activities, which is founded in 2010. The Paranormal Research Society has a team, which is involved in researching with all latest technology and equipment used for paranormal research in the haunted places in India. This team has a video proof of fraud and gives a logical explanation for some paranormal activities.

Paranormal Research Society

9. Indian Spiritual Society

The Indian Spiritual Society was located at Chaibasa, Jharkhand in India and it is founded in 2013. An Indian Spiritual Society helps the people to know their inner spiritual powers. This team is working with the world best paranormal investigators and spiritual leaders to find the truth behind the various paranormal activities.

Indian Spiritual Society


The SPIRIT means Systematic Paranormal Investigation, Research and Intelligence Team, which is located in Kolkata. This is a non-profit and self-contributed an investigation team in India. They help people who experiencing paranormal activities and provide free service to their client. The team is a professional and talented ant they find the reason behind paranormal phenomenon and activity.

Systematic Paranormal Investigation, Research and Intelligence Team

  1. Annappa H says

    As I am a god gifted paranormal expert/psychic medium can see entities, spir
    its ghosts and devil’s etc without any gadgets and cured many affected people in a scientific way. And also feel that whole universe is a haunted place.

  2. Annappa H says

    Yes there are many haunted places. We should be very careful.

  3. Siraj Mazhar says

    Sir..I want to contact you asap…m sure u hv nvr faced such a hard case before…we hv been hit by black magic spell and our life is hell ..we want to die…but can’t evn die…cz they wud letus see suffer but not death…plz help us

  4. chitrasen says

    I don’t believe it seriously.

  5. shweta tiwari says

    There are some Real Life Paranormal Activities in world.. you should check out this post.

  6. Surbhi says

    I want to contact some expert.

  7. Mrudula says

    I don’t believe in ghosts there are real life haunting stories we read like “Exorcism of Annalise Michal” but think as per psychologist if person believes he/she is posses no one could help him/her but their self, and as per our Veda’s God is immortal power he is live within each soul and every energy is comes from that supreme God and the ghost cases we saw they are afraid of God how is that possible even we assume ghost/demon is real but it is a soul and every soul’s core God is live within it then how can you afraid from what is live within you. This rule proves that ghost is not existed and what ever individual experiencing they must start not to believe on it try to seek urgent help from doctors. See, outer world things cannot bother you while you not believe in it.

  8. Ashu says

    We are team and work on places and people with paranormal activities. We can surely eradicate spirits from such places by gods grace. Feel free to connect. Ashu- 8077154136.

  9. ansar says

    I believe in god I don’t think so there are no ghost in this 20th century

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