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Try to Avoid These Most Haunted Places in Kutch


Try to Avoid These Most Haunted Places in Kutch: The Kutch is the largest district of India and it is surrounded by the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Kutch. There are so many beautiful and historical places in Kutch either have a histories or twist of phenomena behind them. Kutch was destruction after earthquakes.

Try to Avoid These Most Haunted Places in Kutch

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1. Chir Batti in Banni grasslands, Rann of Kutch

Chir Batti has a strange phenomenon of lights in Banni grasslands of the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. It is located near to the border of Pakistan and India. The local people of the villages believed that it is one of the haunted places in Kutch. Chir means ‘ghost’ and Batti means ‘light’, so Chir Batti Means Ghost light. It is true that an unexplained red, yellow or blue color light ball of fire occurring on dark nights. This light may move as fast as an arrow or stop and light color may change. Peoples call this light to ‘Ghost Light’ and it is 2 to 10 feet above the ground during the dark night. There are so many people who have witnessed of this strange supernatural power. If someone is following them, they move away from it and sometimes play hide and seek. Some of these light balls could divide into two and they have existed for several minutes. But science says that this light occurred by oxidation of diphosphane (P2H4), phosphine (PH3), and methane (CH4).

Chir Batti in Banni grasslands, Rann of Kutch,
Chir Batti in Banni grasslands, Rann of Kutch

2. Lakhpat fort

Lakhpat fort is a located at Lakhpat town in Kutch in the state of Gujarat. This Lakhpat Fort has 7 KM long 18th-century walls, which enclosed the Lakhpat town. Sindhu river is very close to this town, so when an earthquake occurs the flow of the Sindhu river away from it. There are so many people died in an earthquake, after this incident, it is haunted by a spirit or ghost. The Lakhpat town is also populated as Ghost Town.

Lakhpat fort Kutch
Lakhpat fort, Kutch
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  1. Dilip Joshi says

    Kutch is a large district and you should also mention the most haunted places in Rapar, Abdasa, Nakhatrana, Anjar, Mundra, Bhachau, Mandvi, Bhuj, Lakhpat, and Gandhidham. If possible, you should also provide the information on most haunted places in Hindi. Thanks in advance.

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