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3 Most Haunted Places in Orissa Which You Should Avoid To Visit At Midnight Alone


3 Most Haunted Places in Orissa Which You Should Avoid To Visit At Midnight Alone: How many of us believe in spirit or ghost? But everybody would like to search for old and historical places and some of them may be haunted. Here we reported most haunted and supernatural places in Orissa state. There are three places in Orissa, which is haunted by the spirit or ghost or supernatural powers. No one stays at late night in it after most people complained that it had been haunted places. Some of haunted places are just made by locals and some of them actually have some horror story.

3 Most Haunted Places in Orissa Which You Should Avoid To Visit At Midnight Alone

1. State Highway, Orissa

The scary story behind this Orissa State Highway is that a lady who was killed in an accident on this highway. After this accident this highway is said to be haunted by this woman’s witch or spirit. This highway is approximately 50 km away from the capital. According to many travelers who travel in the dark night on this highway, they see a western getup lady standing alone and ask for help. If you are driving on this highway at late night, you just be aware.

State Highway, Orissa
State Highway, Orissa

2. Manglojodi, Orissa

The Manglojodi is one the haunted places in Odisha. There exists a tree that is known for its scariest stories. Most of people who go near the tree they goes through various health conditions. A killer girl ghost or spirit lives on this haunted tree. For this reason everybody live there full of confusion and fear. A local person believes that there are so many evil spirits or ghost stay in the tree. After dark, peoples are scared to come out of their homes.

Manglojodi, Orissa
Manglojodi, Orissa

3. RIE’s Haunted house, Orissa

RIE’s Haunted house is located in Bhubaneswar in Orissa. Some old locals are said to be that some students committed suicide hanging to the ceiling for some reason is haunted on this RIE’s house. The evil spirits or ghosts are wandering in this house after dark. Most of people, who live near this haunted house, have complaint to hear some noise of loud cry. For this reason this RIE’s house in Bhubaneswar is considered as one of the most haunted places in Orissa.

RIE’s Haunted house, Orissa
RIE’s Haunted house, Orissa
  1. Reshma Rahman says

    Its absolutely true about the State highway orissa! My husband, my 3 daughters and my maid servant were in a car, we were driving from Cuttack to Kolkata via Puri.We were coming back from our vacatuon from Raipur where my husband’s sister lives,we took a halt in Cuttack as my husband had some of his work there during the day so we started late at about 9:30 pm from Cuttack to Puri.It was very late at night that we reached puri to spend a day on the beach but because it was late night and vacation time we didn’t find a suitable hotel,so my husband said its better to drive for kolkata than to spend the night in the car! So we drove off.Soon we were on the National Highway, my daughters were sleeping who are teenagers and my maid who was quite older was sitting at the rear seat of scorpio car.My husband was driving and I was sitting next to him, trying to spread my legs on the luggage that was distributed near my legs in front and at the back.I was wide awake because I suffer from insomnia and also the fact that we were traveling that night so sleep was definitely out of question.I was praying as usually I am more comfortable when I pray during journey We could hardly spot any private or family car on the Highway, there were just trucks and lorries on high speed.I kept praying and my eyes were set on the roads but my husband who talks less was tired from the days work and travel, enquired about my friend and family. Then he remarked that its good to talk during driving in the night simply to avoid the blink of an eye.I talked about my relatives and friends and their improvements and failures.I can still remember the loud honking of the lorry who past by us.It was around 3:30 am just 5-7 minutes prior to sunlight and our car was on moderate speed and we were passing a bridge on the State highway of Orissa,though I was so attentive and my eyes set on the road suddenly somehow lowered my gaze and my husband shouted look! Look theres a woman,a spirit on the road in front of our car! He gave a jerk, we all were shook and my maid and I tried looking at her for a glance but could see nothing. My husband who was giggling a few minutes ago became very serious and kept peeping into the rear mirror to catch another glimpse of her!He then rushed the car and ran the car in very high speed as to escape the ghost,because we had our children in the car.After about 3 minutes he kept saying in a low voice as to not disturb my girls who were already sleeping that shes running after our car in order to catch us and this is why he increased the speed. His words gave a shiver to my spine out of utter fear!He kept driving in full speed and did not stop anywhere till it was morning and we could see people walking at the side of the road!For 3 days together I was in the same fear because I knew my husband was serious and not playing a prank on me!I could sense the seriousness in his eyes and the way he behaved, indifferently was neither willing to answer any of my questions!

    1. Biswajit says

      Can you pls let me know the exact location

  2. Sandeep says

    Is it True???Any way National highway means From which place to which place!!

    1. Dev mahapatra my bus No. OR-95W-8757 says

      Take turn a another old highway from puri national highway or ask for bypass we say it. But dnt stop there. Lies a old banyan tree on both side of road. Reality that witch was burried on middle of both side of road. Local truck driver say more than dozen accident happen in every three month. Last accident happen on month of may a bus accident take place more than 30 peoples died. We call it “cursed road of witch maniyamaa”

  3. Shouvik Ghosh says

    I don’t believe this. I’am a student of this institution and my family served here too (RIE,Bhubaneswar). These are not true. I’ve not heard of such case. This is simply a bullshit.

  4. aditya says

    @Reshma Rahman,Can you pls let me know the exact location and National highway means From which place to which place,I can’t understand

    1. Dev mahapatra my bus No. OR-95W-8757 says

      Aditya pls dnt go. If oil goes empty then my friend. There is nobody to help bcz no vehicle stop on that way. My friend and his helper both die with blood out of mouth. Pls i knOW I FEEL THAT BONE CHILING EXPERIENCE. Even no police van nor mobile network work there. It a most haunted and deadliest highway of orissa and another one is JHAMJADI-BALASORE NATIONAL HIGHWAy. Its noted for a headless ghost that chase all vehicle. As IM DRIVER FOR MORE THAN 8 years. But most haunted road GOES TO THE ROAD THAT GOES BACKSIDE OF NANDANKANAN ZOOLOGICAL PARK.. If you want to know more ask at bhubaneswar bus stand.

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