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Is Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai Haunted By A Ghost?


Sanjay Gandhi National Park is one of the largest urban parks in India. It is located in Northern Mumbai in Maharashtra. The place is a quite impressive tourist attraction in Mumbai but considered as one of the most haunted places in Mumbai. Many people avoid to visit the national park after evening. A few people have lost their lives in the forest due to several reasons.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali East - Mumbai
Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali East – Mumbai

Ghost of Female Hitchhiker

A few people have reported that the ghost of a female hitchhiker haunts the Sanjay Gandhi National Park aka Borivali National Park. She wear white cloth all the time when she appears in dark night. This story is also confirmed by the park’s guard. She ask for a lift when you driving your car or bike from the park.

Female Hitchhiker Was Mad Women

According to Ghost Stories World Blog, this female hitchhiker was a mad women when she lost her life. Another guard from the Sanjay Gandhi National Park has also confirmed the story of a woman who was a hitchhiker.

Do Not Visit Sanjay Gandhi National Park After Late Evening

It is quite a beautiful national park but it is a very risky thing to visit this beautiful place after late evening. A few people who lost their lives in the national park, are haunting the park. So, it is always a good decision to leave the place before the late evening.

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So, be aware of this ghost and do not forget to visit this beautiful national park with your friends or family members.

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Article first published on May 9, 2016.

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