Dumas Beach, Surat

2 Most Haunted Places in Surat for Ghost Tourism

Surat is one of the largest cities of Gujarat and widely known as the diamond capital of India. You must have heard many ghost stories of Surat over the Internet. We have compiled a list of such places i.e. a list of most haunted places in Surat for your adventure tour or ghost tour. So, let’s see!

2 Most Haunted Places in Surat for Ghost Tourism

1. Dumas Beach

Dumas Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the state of Gujarat but a few people know that it is one of the most haunted places in Surat. The beach is also ranked in the list of the most scariest places in India. According to many local people, the beach was used for last rituals of Hindu population. Many people have felt the strange activity on the beach. It is a dangerous thing to visit the beach after late evening.

Dumas Beach, Surat
Dumas Beach, Surat

2. Pathik Apartment or the Kali Building

Pathik Apartment is located in the posh locality of the city of Surat i.e. Parle Point Area. The apartment is also known as ‘Kali Building’ and all the flats are abandoned by those who bought flats. According to the Page3Surat.com, ‘death of a security guard made residents suspicious and they refused to occupy their flats”.

Pathik Apartment Surat
Pathik Apartment Surat

About Surat City

  • Population: 4,501,610
  • Zone: Seven
  • Area: 126.068 sq mi
  • Demonym: Surti
  • Density: 36,000/sq mi
  • HDI: High
  • Coastline: 22 mi
  • Literacy: 86.65%
  • Metro Rank: 9th in India
  • Elevation: 43 ft

We hope that the information on most haunted places in Surat will be useful to all people of Surat and nearby locations of the state of Gujarat.

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Article last re-published on March 19, 2016.

7 thoughts on “2 Most Haunted Places in Surat for Ghost Tourism

  1. You should have also mentioned the haunted places in Surat’s other areas such as Anmol Park Society, Krishna Nagar Society, Mafat Nagar, Sanjay Nagar, Narotam Nagar, Dahin Nagar, Bhatha Gam, Gail Colony, Bharthana, Ganesh Nagar, and Pandesara GIDC.

  2. Please provide information on most haunted places in Surat in these places too, University Road, Bhimrad, Sarsana, Bamroli, Nem Nagar, Gandhi Kutir, Station Road, Ashock Nagar Society, Laljit Nagar Society, Saroli, Magob, Parvat Patiya, Kumbhariya Gaam, and Dindoli.

  3. You forget to provide information on haunted places in Kosad, SMC Ground Road, Sahyog Society, Anmol Park Society, Ishwar Nagar Society, Singanpor, Arjun Nagar Society, Mangal Nagar, Vesu, and Bharthana.

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