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Lothian Cemetry and its Ghosts


The Lothian Cemetry’s loneliness reminds its past. Something chilling, unseen ans spooky haunting stories. 50 years ago, everything was very different. The place was a calm, beautiful place. But with something weird about itself. People didn’t dare to hang alone. They remained frightened always for its ghost rumors. It was considered as an unearthly place in Delhi.


Lothian Cemetry


According to some story, initially it was a Muslim burial ground. Royal Muslims buried their loved ones there after death. Later on it was made a Christian cemetery. Somewhere around 1857, many British soldiers died. British officials decided to bury their bodies in the Lothian cemetery. But burying a British soldiers’ bodies beside an Indian was considered as an insult to them. So to bury the soldiers bodies what they did was very horrifying. They dug all the places and removed all bodies lying under there. After such an inhuman act towards those departed souls, Lothian Cemetry started facing ghost walking by those souls.

The most horrifying and chilling sight was of  one headless ghostly shadow roaming in the graveyard. He didn’t have the head on his neck. The ghostly creature carried his head in hand. The people who survived after seeing this blood freezing sighting narrated this picture. He was confined there for searching his love. At moonless night he wandered around the tombs searching for his love. According to the legends he was Sir Nicholas, a British soldier who fell in love with an Indian girl. But she refused him. After some days the girl was married to someone else. This brought intolerable pain for Nicholas. He blew his head and died. Almost 100 years after his death too, he continued searching for the girl who refused him once.In 1960, however, a young Anglo-Indian couple on their way back to Ludlow Castle Road. The boy was riding the cycle and the girl was sitting on the handlebar. They got such a fright that it took them a week to recover from it.

There are three different hauntings related to Lothian. One is of Sir Nicholas, second story is of a boy who has been seen walking in the cemetery in the dark in search of something. People who claim to have encountered this boy say that he asked them of where his parents were. And the third one is of ghosts fighting in the cemetery. The Muslim souls who were buried before the British Soldiers were buried in the cemetery.

People living in the the vicinity of the Lothian cemetery are said to have experienced these stories. It haunts the cemetery. Even during the day the cemetery looks a spooky place with tumbled-down tombs all around and a weird middle-aged woman sitting under a tree to quench the thirst of stray visitors in the afternoon.

Way to Lothian Cemetery isNetaji Subhash Marg, Priyadarshini Colony, Kashmir Gate, New Delhi, Delhi 110006. People who have keen interest in knowing the above said stories visit the Cemetery to find out more and more about the graveyard. The rest lies deep down in the graves.


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