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Essay: what is pacifism
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pacifism is a phrase used to refer to the rejection of warfare and the belief of peace. Pacifism is a means of life, it’s a believe system in creating peace with character and everybody. The term pacifism is based on’pacific’ meaning’peace making’,’ it’s from the latin words’paci’ meaning peace and’ficus’ meaning’making’ brock (1998).

Ism confuses with pacifism, whereas pacifism is that the whole embracing of peace and the entire rejection of ism and warfare is that the acceptance of peace and isn’t completely opposed to war.
Pacifism viewpoints violence of violence that is carried out in self defense, even the struggles or any form bad. This principle advocates for absolute liberty the use of discussions and discussions to solve issues, this is a feel system where they have the notion that even wars can be stopped by dialogue brock (1998). This is seen from the very first world war those https://www.customessaywriter.org free nursing essays called to battle refused to struggle some of them chose to get involved like cooking, transport and medical help.

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Pacifists have been viewed as ambassadors for their role in coming and the discussion involving the parties, for peace to split out them.
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