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True Ip 3


I’d want to password-guard a folder on my USB flash-drive, then when someone tries to open the file, they’re encouraged to enter a password. I’ve a Mac, but additionally need to make use of the flashdrive having a PC operating Windows XP, that we am not able to install software to. I would prefer to avoid having to install any application to the thumb drive, or my computer when possible. It doesnt need to be really protected, or fancy, I simply need a code around the folder to safeguard my documents to some degree. Requested May 25’14 at 23:04 I thought of performing that initially, but there is no means for me to unzip/zip a file on the PC working xp I described in my own problem, and it wouldbe an annoyance to have to often zip /unzip it. Can there be a feasible way having a plan fitted around the flash http://learningrevolution.com/profiles/blogs/5-vital-money-lessons-you-should-have-been-taught-in-school drive which may try this to do this,? It’d have to be a comparatively modest report however, and work osx and on windows & ndash; user3308082 May 25′ 16 Your question doesn

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