The Chilles at Shanivar Wada

This is about the story of Shaniwarwada Fort in Pune. The Shaniwar Wada was originally the seven storied capital building of the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire. It was supposed to be made entirely of stone but after the completion of the base floor or the first story, the people of Satara (the national capital) complained to the Siva(King) saying that a stone monument can be sanctioned and built only by the Siva(King) himself and not the Peshwas. Following this, an official letter was written to the Peshwas stating that the remaining building had to be made of brick and not stone. The Wada was then completed and upon being attacked by the British Artillery 90 years later, all the top six stories collapsed leaving only the stone base, which was immune to the British artillery. Hence only the stone base of the Shaniwar Wada remains and can be seen even today in the older parts of Pune.


Shaniwarwada Fort in Pune


After “Baji Rao’s death, his son Balaji Baji Rao (or Nana Saheb) held Maratha banner. Madhavrao, Vishwasrao and Narayanrao was three sons of Peshwa Nanashaheb. After the death of Pesha Nanashaheb in the third battle of Panipath, Madhavrao succeeded as Peshwa. During the war of third Panipath Vishwasrao accepted death. After death of Vishwasrao Madhavrao also died in broken heart for his brother. Narayanrao had been just sixteen years old then. He became Peshwa on that very young age. Due to his age his uncle Raghunathrao was in charge of state on behalf of young nephew.

In 1773, Narayanrao

, who was the fifth and ruling Peshwa then, was murdered by guards on orders of his uncle Raghunathrao and aunt Anandibai. A popular rumour says that Narayanrao’s ghost still calls for help on full moon nights. Various people, working around the area, have allegedly reported such cries.

Narayanrao was trying to nullify all conspiracies against him. He started to restrict the influence of Raghunathrao and house arrested him. Narayanrao had a bitter relationship with Gardi, the hunting tribe. Raghunathrao’s wife Anandibai used this and sent a signed letter from Raghunathrao to the chief of Gardi. But in the original letter Raghunathrao wrote to Gardi chief Sumer Singh Gardi to capture Narayanrao but cruel Anandibai changed just one word and it became the message to kill Narayanrao.

Sumner Singh sent a group of assassins who entered in the room of sleeping Narayanrao at night removing all securities. Narayanrao woke up and understood he was going to be killed. He ran towards Raghunathrao’ chamber and shouted to him “Uncle save me”. But he was caught by assassins and brutally assassinated by them. Hacked into pieces and then dumped in the river.

It is also said to be infested by dark spirits of the people who died in the fire that destroyed the fort. Entry is restricted after 6:30 p.m. The yells and cries of the young prince brings chilles to the people who have said to heard about the screams.

Haunted Houses in India

When it comes to haunted places or paranormal activities, some people are excited, some get thrilled while some get scared. It is said that behind all these paranormal activities and haunted places, there are historic incidents. People sell their houses in lesser rates while some just abandon the houses due to the terrible ghostly experiences. Some people, living near by such haunted houses are crept by the paranormal factors of the house. Well, some of these houses in India do have incidents which signifies paranormal activities and are claimed to be haunted.

1. Haunted house at GP block, Meerut

Haunted Houses in India

There exists a haunted house in the prominent city of Uttar Pradesh, Meerut which is known for many paranormal incidents. It is a belief that the house has been in the possession of phantoms of four friends who lived there together. The GP block mansion is quite spooky when you enter. People introspected the four friends, but were terrified when they found no one in the house. People living near by, also reported of a woman coming out of the house and believed it as the fifth ghost in addition. People experienced various paranormal activities like giggles in late hours of night and apparitions while the house remained vacant.


2. KC 19 House, Ghaziabad

Haunted Houses in India

Located near Noida, this house had an awful history. It said that two families resided in this house which were brutally murdered. People claim that you can see the ghosts of children running and playing around the house. They also claim that they heard loud screams and sobs coming from the house. What adds to the horror are the blood stains still present on the wall of the house which cannot be removed.


3. Bonacaud Bungalow, Kerela

Haunted Houses in India

This vintage style house, located in Trivandrum is known as one of the most haunted places in Kerela. It is said that the house is possessed by the spirit of a young girl who died there due to illness. If you take a tour of the house, you can feel the negative vibes and creepiness around you. Factors like broken doors, window glass and disembodied voices signals the visitors of the paranormal hidden within the house. During night hours, the trespassers have reported of young girl’s spirit wandering around the house.


4. D’Mello house, Goa

Haunted Houses in India

 This normal looking house doesn’t seem to be as it look like. Located in Santemol in Goa, this house belonged to the two brothers and their family. They had a dispute over the partition of their property. The dispute unfortunately went violent and one brother murdered the other. Since then, various paranormal activities started taking place. The visitors started to experience activities like breaking of glass, growls and laughter in the late night. Out of terror and spookiness, no one is ready to buy the house and so it lies vacant till date.