Most Haunted Places Near Niagara

The following are some of the haunted places in near Niagara.



One local group of people recounts a young girl who escaped a burning barn near the tunnel. Her body ablaze, she searched for the water which ran through it. She managed to reach the tunnel; but it was too late, and she died from severe burns within. Other people says that an enraged and jealous father dragged his daughter down to the tunnel and set her on fire over a lost custody battle. And some say she was attacked by an old drunkard who did terrible things to her. He killed her, and then burned the body to destroy any evidence of the assault. Although each story is different, the outcome is always the same: she screams to death. They say if you stand in the middle of the tunnel at night and strike a wooden match, the spirit of the girl will become so frightened she’ll penetrate the void between our world and the dead with her screams. A rush of wind blows through the tunnel and extinguishes the flame. This is what draws droves of thrill-seekers to the Screaming Tunnel every year. Local historians tell a different story. There was once a small group of houses which surrounded the tunnel. It was a very isolated community, and all the neighbors within grew to know each other very well. They even knew each other’s secrets. There was one particularly odd couple who fought fiercely almost every night. The woman was disliked by the neighbors, and was known to be a little unhinged. After each fight, she would walk out into the darkness to the tunnel. Through the veil of black, she moved blindly to where she perceived the middle-point of the tunnel was and screamed at the top of her lungs. Legend says she wanted all to hear her and feel her pain.



The year was 1813. It was a cold December, and Newark residents had no idea what was coming. As the town was torched without warning, many scrambled to escape but not Captain Swayze. Although he had been ordered to abandon Niagara-on-the-Lake, the British Captain had defied orders to stay behind. Legend says that Captain Swayze had fallen deeply in love and refused to leave until meeting his lover.This romantic choice would prove fatal.Captain Swayze’s lover never arrived. American forces, however, came in large numbers. Swayze rushed to take cover in the wine cellar of what is now the Olde Angel Inn, forcing his way into an empty barrel. But it was too late. American forces had seen Swayze enter the building. They stabbed Captain Swayze barrels with their bayonets. Wine poured around them as the blades pierced through barrel after barrels and then blood spilled around. Ever since the pub was rebuilt in 1815, the Olde Angel Inn had many ghostly encounters. From dishes rearranging themselves to eerie noises coming from an empty dining room, Captain Swayze doesn’t appear to have gone anywhereThe basement where Captain Swayze was stabbed to death is now home to the washrooms of the Olde Angel Inn. Located right next to the cellar, incidents in these washrooms are very frequent. Phantom footsteps are often heard in the area, and one man even reported hearing someone use the stall beside him when no one was there.



There’s few things more terrifying than a house full of just-past-inanimate dolls in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Especially when something moving appears to be moving around the place. The Doll’s House, built in 1835, was said to have housed a tunnel which received slaves escaping from the United States into Niagara Falls, Canada. In one unfortunate story, one of the younger female slaves drowned in a well deep below the Doll’s House, and now various statues tend to move by themselves while a woman carrying a bundle of lilacs occasionally embodies in the main stairwell. It is also said that the smell of lilacs occasionally spreads out in the premises for no apparent reason.