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Haunted Hotels in United States



If there is life, there is death. If there is postive energy, there is a negative energy too. Such negative energies do exist in the form of ghosts and spirits that freak you out in most strangest manner. If you believe in ghosts, then here are some hotels to creep you and leave you awestruck. Here are some of the Haunted Hotels in The United States

1. The Stanley Hotel

United States

This Colorado hotel was former guest Stephen King’s inspiration for writing a novel “The Shining”, having strange experiences in room 217. Apparitions of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley are frequently spotted passing through the lobby and billiard room. Sounds of children giggling is sensed down the fourth floor. Room 217 was said to be visited bt deceased former housekeeper. The guest were awaken by the blankets mysteriously folded by their beds. Room 407 sometimes has the aroma of pipe tobacco, said to be from the spirit Earl of Dunraven. There were unusual opening and closing of doors, lights switching on and off at times.

2. Queen Mary

United States

The luxury ocean liner had been docked and run as a floating hotel in Long Beach, California, United States since the 1970’s. It is a beautiful place, but the incidents in this floating hotel might scare you. Two women drowned in the first class swimming pool in the 1930’s and 1960’s and it is said that their spirits wander around in the hotel. An apparition of woman has been seen in the Queen Mary’s Salon and a well-dressed gentleman in old-fashioned duds has made many appearance in the first class suites. Two non-existent children have been heard giggling near a storage room. Cabin B340 is no longer open to guests because of a excessive paranormal sightings in and around the the hotel.

3. Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles

United States

This luxury hotel was built in 1927 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Iconic guests like Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Clift and Carole Lombard have made ghostly appearances in this renowned hotel. Marilyn Monroe, who has been spotted in the mirror of room 229, and Montgomery Clift, who has been heard playing his trumpet in room 928. People say Carole Lombard has made some ghostly appearances on the 12th floor, where she and her husband Clark Gable used to stay. The cold spot in the hotel’s Blossom Ballroom, site of the first Academy Awards ceremony, has the temperature, 10 degrees colder than the room around it.

4. Hotel Chelsea, New York City


United States

The Big Apple’s Hotel Chelsea was built in the late 19th century. It has been a muse to artists for generations. Hard-drinking Welsh poet Dylan Thomas had his last bender and went into a fatal coma in this hotel. People say he still parties in the hallways. Sid Vicious allegedly stabbed his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, and later died himself due to heroine overdose. Sid’s spirit has been spotted lingering around the hotel’s east elevator. The spirits of playwrite Eugene O’Neill and novelist Thomas Wolfe are said to inhabit the Chelsea’s eighth floor.

5. Hawthorne Hotel, Massachusetts

United States

This New England city in the northeastern United States is no stranger to rumors of the paranormal.The 91-year-old Hawthorne Hotel located in Salem. It is very well known for the Salem Witch Trials which happened in 1692. Salem is likely to suffer from the stories of haunting and restless spirits due to the fact that it had a very violent history. Before Hawthrone hotel was built, it was first an apple orchard owned by Bridget Bishop. The guests in the hotel reported of smell of apples even though it’s not added in the menu. Room 612 is reportedly one of the most haunted locations in the hotel. The apparitions of a woman is seen that wanders in the corridors outside the room. Also room 325 is claimed of unearthly activites like flickering lights, faucets turning on and off on their own, and human-shaped apparitions.

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