Most Haunted Places in Lonavala for Ghost Experience

There are some ghosts, supernatural occurrences, spirit, spooky spots and paranormal activities in Lonavala. Lonavala is a hill station and town in Maharashtra state. The truth is truth, whether you believe in these or not. Today we have told you about the Most Haunted Places in Lonavala for Ghost Experience and some other places in Lonavala where no one dares to stay after dark.

Most Haunted Places in Lonavala for Ghost Experience

1. Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala

Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala is not a big hotel but it is famous for haunted. This hotel is surely haunted, which is confirmed by a number of paranormal experts. In this hotel ground floor’s one room, where guests have slept on the bed their bed sheets had been pulled off. There are lots of paranormal activities are seen by peoples who stay night in this room.

This room is behind the reception on the ground floor in the corner. These people who already stay in this room have gone through mental therapies and it is said that something paranormal activities goes-on inside the room during the nights. Now this haunted room has stopped being rented out to guests and visitors for this ghostly phantom. According to the visitors who stayed night in the Raj Kiran Hotel haunted room, they saw a bright blue light at their feet, strange shapes and unnatural sounds.

Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala
Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala

2. Khandala Ghat

Khandala Ghat is a beautiful hill station of Lonavala and it is located at 5 kms away from Lonavala hill station. Khandala Ghat has more natural beauty and amazing atmosphere with rain and cool climate. Many visitors are going to Lonavala for long holiday trip and they surely visit the Khandala Ghat. It has a highway, which is said to be haunted for some paranormal entities. Many peoples complained about seeing and facing some paranormal activities in the dark night.

Khandala Ghat
Khandala Ghat

3 Most Haunted Places in Assam Which Will Scare You

Assam is a beautiful state that beholds the stories and secrets of a lot of haunted places, who died a painful death. There are so many places or forts or valley in Assam has a history or a twist which makes a more interesting. Today I am going to tell you about 3 Most Haunted Places in Assam Which Will Scare You.

3 Most Haunted Places in Assam Which Will Scare You

1. Jorhat Gymkhana Club

Jorhat is a second largest city in the state of Assam. The original Gymkhana Club is located about 2 km to the east of the present building, which was only a quaint little woodhouse and situated in the middle of the racecourse. There are a lot of mysterious happening in this original Gymkhana Club in Jorhat. There are some different noises, sound and inhumane things are heard during midnight. The Jorhat local people say sometimes black magic is also done and found different types of symbols in the various parts of Gymkhana Club house.

Jorhat Gymkhana Club Assam
Jorhat Gymkhana Club, Assam

2. Jatinga Village

Jatinga Village having around 2500 population, which is located in Dima Hasao district of Assam. This village is worldwide famous for its unexplained phenomenon of mass bird suicides during moonless nights. Most of the birds visiting the area never leave the Jatina Village, these birds death between approximately 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. These birds’ mass suicides occur on a 1 mile by 600 feet strip of land.

Jatinga Village Assam
Jatinga Village, Assam

3. Hahim Picnic Spot

Hahim is a famous picnic spot for the residents of Guwahati, which is few kms away from Guwahati in Assam. There are some abnormal activities and some unnatural sounds heard by some persons. Hahim Picnic Spot is beautiful natural place, when come evening it turns into dark silent place.

Hahim Picnic Spot Assam
Hahim Picnic Spot, Assam

About Assam State

Assam state is famous for silk, tea and first oil well in Asia. There is one place Mayong, which is located in between hills of Assam is called the land of black magic. Mayong attracts many tourists since very long for black magic, but still doesn’t have a documented history. Mayong is nearby Morigaon village, which is 40 kms away from Guwahati in Assam state.