Kuldhara: A Haunted, or Cursed Village? History of Kuldhara Village

Kuldhara Village is one of the abandoned villages in Rajasthan. The village was once a prosperious place and became an abandoned place in 1800’s. The Government of Rajasthan decided to develop this place as one of the tourist spots near Jaisalmer.

Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan
Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan

Kuldhara: A Haunted, or Curse Village? History of Kuldhara Village

1. As A Tourist Spot

Due to it’s popularity as one of the haunted places in Rajasthan, the Government of Rajasthan decided to develop this place as tourist spot among the domestic and foreign travellers. However, Kuldhara is not much popular as Bhangarh Fort among the domestic and foreign travellers. Still, this place is visited by a few visitors / tourists.

2. Leaving The Village in 1800s

Kuldhara was a prosperous village but suddenly people started leaving the village in 1800s for some unknown reasons. A few historians and legends claimed that, the village was cursed. However, the possible reason was dwindling water supply.

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3. Village Established in 13th Century

According to historians and available memorial stones, the village was settled in 13th century by Brahmins who originally migrated from Pali to Jaisalmer region. We do not have any particular information that, how many families were settled in Kuldhara from Pali. Based on available information, only one person was settled in the village who was named Kadhan.

4. Cursed or Haunted Place

According to a few online sites, Kuldhara village is cursed by Paliwal Brahims – that one would ever be able to settle down in the village again. However, we didn’t able to find any information where Paliwal Brahims got settled. They have left the village overnight due to cruelty of Jaisalmer’s Diwan Zalim Singh who attracted to a village’s beautiful girl.

If you have more information about this haunted or cursed village, then do not forget to share with us!

Article Title: Kuldhara: A Haunted, or Cursed Village? History of Kuldhara Village
Article first published on April 23, 2017.
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Bhangarh Fort: India’s Most Haunted Place Complete Information

The Bhangarh Fort is the most talked fort in the country. The fort is a famous place for the ghost experience, according to local people. The Bhangarh Fort is already considered as the most haunted place in India. You just need to take official permission from the Archaeological Survey of India to enter the fort after the sunset. ASI has already banned visitors from entering the fort after the sunset.

About the History (Past) of the Bhangarh Fort

The fort was built in 1613 AD by Sawai Madho Singh using the stones and bricks. The village was founded by Raja Bhagwant Das, the then ruler Amber and the son of Madho Singh, the younger brother of Raja Akbar’s general called Man Singh.

Where it is located?

The fort is located in the village of Bhangarh, district of Alwar, Rajasthan state in India. It is located on the border of the Sariska Reserve in the Aravali range of hills in Alwar district of the state.

Spooky Experience

Due to its popularity, Bhangarh Fort is visited by a large number of travel bloggers, travellers, news channel reports, journalists, and many others. According to many news articles, visitors felt the spooky things in and around the fort. It is being considered as the most haunted place in India.

How to Reach

If you are in Delhi, it is easy to reach Bhangarh Fort by car, bus or train. Please visit the official website of the Indian Railways and take a train from Delhi to Jaipur or Alwar, and then hire a private taxi or get into government bus to reach the village. Direct flights are also available from Delhi to Rajasthan.

Your route: Delhi – Gurgaon – Bhiwadi – Alwar – Sariska – Thanagazhi – Pratapgarh – Ajabgarh – Bhangarh.


Special Travel Packages

Some of the tour operators in India started to provide the special travel packages including proper guidance, transportation, tour guide, food, and some other things.

Entry Fee

If you are Indian, then you have to pay just Rs. 25 as an entry fee. If you are a foreign tourist, then pay Rs. 200/-. If you are planning to enter the fort with your own personal camera, then you have to pay extra Rs. 200 per camera.

List of Hotels Near Bhangarh Fort

  • Madhuvan Hotel (22 km distance)
  • Dera Lake View Retreat (24 km distance)
  • Umaid Lake Palace (24 km distance)

In India, is said that those who die of unnatural or untimely death become ghosts and they haunt the place where they died.

Article last re-published on March 12, 2016.