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Is Bigg Boss House Really Haunted By A Spirit?


Is Bigg Boss House Really Haunted By A Spirit? Bigg Boss House is getting more interesting because contestants feel some paranormal activities in the house. According to inside sources, the Bigg Boss house is haunted by a spirit or ghost. In Bigg Boss House, some paranormal activities were experienced by contestants. Some contestants say that they marked something supernatural looking woman standing in the corner of the room.

Bigg Boss House Haunted
Bigg Boss House Really Haunted

Is Bigg Boss House Really Haunted By A Spirit?

A Bigg Boss house is being haunted because of some contestant claims that they experience the presence of ghosts in the building. Not just contestants, but members of the Bigg Boss crew also felt shame. Some contestants also experiencing that they see a shadow of a woman sitting on their chest at midnight. Some contestants were attacked by a ghost or spirit and their spiritual devotion.

Bigg Boss team confessed off the record that they found some shadows in washrooms corridor. Big Boss house talks about such type of paranormal activities. Contestants have complained deep in temperature in parts of the house, but according to science temperature was goes to abnormal.

In Bigg Boss on day 96, Sonali Raut got possessed with a ghost or spirit and it is claimed by Ali. In day 96 episodes, when Ali was hearing some sound from drawing room, then he runs into drawing room, he was seen that Sonali is laughing all by herself in the bathroom. After looking this situation Ali was extremely scared and running into the living room for telling all the housemates how Sonali was laughing by herself in the candy room. Ali has also seen that Sonali was laughing to herself with her hair all over her face.

Ali claims that the Sonali’s teeth and gums had gone black like a VAMPIRE and she was being possessed. Naturally, it is hard to believe anything Ali says. So Gautam, Pritam, and Ali were going immediately to see Sonali into the bathroom. But now she was chatting up Karishma.

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  1. chitrasen says

    Big boss is a disgusting show and I recommend that there is a ghost of a lady so please off the show

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