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Most Haunted Places in Ooty Which You Should Not Visit


Most Haunted Places in Ooty Which You Should Not Visit: If you’re really want to look out for haunted places in Ooty, and then this is something you shouldn’t miss out on. Have you felt the presence of some spirit or ghost or something around you while you walk, sleep, and eat? Believe it or not, Ghost does exist. Here we bring you the complete list of the all the Haunted Places in Ooty. We are sure that, you will like to read these stories about haunted locations in Ooty with the lights on.

Want to have the chance of experiencing the paranormal activities in Ooty? Although here at haunted rooms in the Ooty hotels. Below you will get a list of the most haunted locations in Ooty. Some of which you will most likely of heard of and some of which you may have not.

Most Haunted Places in Ooty Which You Should Not Visit

Fern Hill Hotel

During the shooting of Bollywood movie “Raaz”, Famous Choreographer Saroj Khan and her crew woke up one night and them hearing some noise of rearrangement of furniture on first floor. They decided to contact the reception to talk about this noise, but the phone was dead. They couldn’t sleep and take rest due to the constant noise of someone rearranging furniture on the first floor. Next day morning, they told to receptionist about the noise of rearrangement of furniture on first floor. In reply, receptionist says that there was no first floor in the hotel. So, the spookiness of the hotel that it has been shut down. This Fern Hill Hotel in Ooty was once used to be the summer residence of Maharaja of Mysore.

Fern Hill Hotel, Ooty
Fern Hill Hotel, Ooty

Hotel Lakeview

This Hotel Lakeview in Ooty has more beautiful architecture. However the local people believe it is haunted. The hotel Lakeview has reported many strange paranormal and supernatural activities. Guest has reported to heard cries during midnight on full moon days. Expert wants to find the truth behind the field of the paranormal activities.

Hotel Lakeview, Ooty
Hotel Lakeview, Ooty
  1. Karim Pathan says

    Ooty is a wonderful vacation destination in India but I didn’t know about the most haunted places in Ooty. Thanks for writing such a nice article. If possible, please include most haunted places in Balacola, Kallatty Valley, Nanjanadu, Ketti, Elk Hill, Bengalmattam, Hobart Road, Lake Road, Aruvankadu, Commercial Road, Masinagudi, Avalanche Road, Kinnakorai, Vannarapettai, Kil Kodappamund, Kandal, Udhagamandalam, Anikorai, Granduff Road, Coonoor, Havelock Road, Lovedale, Davisdale, Biccole, Gudalur, Kotagiri, and West Mere.

    1. Zubair Ansari says

      Its all Non-sense about Lake View, I am a regular visitor to Ooty, sometimes twice or thrice a year. I have been staying along with my family at Lake View for the last couple of years, Execitive Cottage 114 my favourite as it gives a nice view of the Valley. Being a Mumbaikar I often sleep late, so most of the time i had taken a walk alone in the beautiful premises but never ever do I had experinced so called Haunted or paranormal activities. Lake View is an Awesome place to stay in Ooty !!!

  2. Kunal Pujari says

    I had visited ooty 2years back with family but never heard of such haunted destinations that u have mentioned here. Besides its a beautiful hill station to visit and a beautiful city with so many attractive tourist point’s. Don’t scare ppl please???

  3. stewin kuttu says

    I am in ooty near fernhill palace there is no such thing as ghosts or evil in ooty or in fernhill

  4. Sarasvati Dias says

    I lived in Riversdale, Ooty before i got married. Never heard of ghosts but once when I went after marriage, my servants frightened with a figure of Mary walking across the sky behind a coffin weeping and i shouted at her for spreading such stories.My brother still resides there. we used to walk on the streets late at night and roam about upto to Mattupalayam or Mysore to eat ice cream as then it was not available in Ooty in the 1950s. But my cousin at Acacia at Wellington Barracks , Coonoor, says his Bungalow has 14 ghosts of foreigners and an old wonam plays the piano at night. We adore our dead grandfather as our spiritual guru and he has made a little temple down below in the garden and installed his photo and a ghee light. Thinhs have settled now and there is peace.

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