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Most Haunted Places in Rajkot Which You Should Avoid During Midnight


Rajkot is one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Gujarat and one of the most beautiful cities in the state to live in. However, the city of Rajkot is also not behind in having number of ghost places/haunted places. However, the city has a less reported haunted places compared to other large cities. Less information is available over the internet that how many haunted places in Rajkot. In this article, we have tried to provide information on most haunted places in Rajkot. So, let’s see!

Most Haunted Places in Rajkot Which You Should Avoid During Midnight

1. Avadh Palace

Avadh Palace is a large property and mansion located in the city of Rajkot in Gujarat. It is unoccupied large building owned by some unknown people. Some claims it is owned by an NRI living abroad. Since long time, no one is living in the building and the construction area looks alike a place of horror movie.

According to local people and several websites/Facebook pages, a girl was raped by group of people and she was murdered in the building. In addition to that, she was burnt in the same building and since then, she haunts the building. No one dares to visit this building in night especially alone. Her spirit still roam around the building. It is widely known as one of the most haunted places in Rajkot.

Avadh Palace, Rajkot
Avadh Palace, Rajkot

Have you visited Avadh Palace? If yes, then do not forget or hesitate to share your experience with us through the comments.

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Article first published on January 16, 2016.

  1. Viral Shah says

    I am looking for most haunted places in Rajkot’s areas / localities which includes Mota Mava, Panchvati Main Road, Radhika Park, Pipaliya, Vaishali Nagar, Munjka, Nirmala Road, Near A G Office, Supedi, New Thorala, Vavdi, Univesity Road, Opp Sarda Baug, Ranchhodnagar Society, Motavada, Nana Mava Road, Raiya Road, Railnagar, Nana Mava, Old walled City, Prahlad Plot, Vardhman Nagar, Panchsheel Wadi, and Ramkrishna Nagar.

    Yogi Nagar, Shroff Road, Shastri Nagar, Sadguru Nagar, Sadar, Ratanpar, Sadhu Vasvani Road, Sardar Nagar, Shapar, Saurashtra Kala Kendra, Morbi Road, Morabi Road, Ghanshyam Nagar, Gavliwad, Gandhigram, Gondal Road, Gundasara, Hadamtala, Gundavadi, Dhokaliya, Arya Nagar, and Amin Marg.

  2. Anup Rathod says

    Rajkot is my favourite city in Gujarat and probably in India. If possible, please also mention the most haunted places in Bhakti Nagar, Kalawad Road, Jagnath Plot, Junction Plot, Kishan Para, Kothariya, Airport Road, Kotecha Nagar, Jalaram 2, Mavdi, 150 Feet Ring Road, Karansinhji Road, Mavadi Plot, Dhebar road, Maruti Nagar, Jankalyan Society, Bajrang Wadi, Jala Ram Nagar, Kuvadva Road, Chandreshnagar, Indraprasth Nagar, and Madhapar.

    1. Rishit Gohel says

      Now any road or area are remaining?

  3. Jaimin Kumar says

    Superb article, but why no haunted places from cities such as Paddhari, Lodhika, Dhoraji, Jam Kandorna, Upleta, Jetpur, Kotda Sangani, Jasdan and Gondal? You should.

    1. BhagvatPrataap says

      Simply because Lord Swaminarayan and pure saints been visiting and gave moksha to haunted

  4. Tippy says

    Avadh Palace is NOT haunted – it is all fake to evade some family property issues. Rajkot has no haunted places.
    8 of us had gone there at 2:30 am on a full moon night just to check of these rumors, equipped with night vision cameras, compass and perfume as it is believed that ghosts are attracted to perfumes. We found NOTHING.
    We searched the whole area for more than 2 hours and we found NO GHOSTS. Please stop spreading these rumors without proper verification.

    1. TIRTH UNDAVIYA says

      YES Story may be RIGHT because in this place there is one room inside this place which is totally burnt and totally blackout inside this room and most interesting thing is you can’t see inside the room with help of tourch or other lighting device. we visit this place 2-times total. In day time and also night.

      1. Anand Mishra says

        Where was that room.
        On the ground floor or on the first floor.

    2. varun ojha says

      If there nothing then why all local people said there was group of people who made the accident of rape of girl… I m visiting there 2 time’s nd we spent there 4hours bt we found there what the actual feel of fear I m taking lot’s of view from different view someone say there is building who just nri made bt we dint get correct and actual story behind these…

      1. Ashish Gondaliya says

        Hi Dear,

        Please Share Real Full Story About Avadh Place,

        Br// Ashish Gondaliya

    3. JV says

      If you are talking real then I should visit avadh palace

    4. Divya says


      1. Bharat prajapati says

        pls don’t go there
        It is risky

        1. Vivek says

          Kyu ap gaye the vaha pe..?

    5. Rishit Gohel says

      Yes you right.
      It’s made for shooting there have no any ghost.

  5. Vaibhav kaushik says

    Hello friends this is vaibhav kaushik from Indian Paranormal Society….please do not visit such places it can ruin your life ..so please people…be safe stay happy????

    1. vasudev says

      how i contact with u

  6. Rahul says

    Experience hotel tej palace room no.303 or 304… U will find real experience

  7. Rajat dave says

    What happened of people who did this disgusting thing were they punished for thier mistake???

  8. Rajesh Ranva says

    I, Rajesh Ranva, Pedak, Kuvadva Road, Rajkot visited AVADH on dated 08/09/2016 alongwith Bhuva (Meldi Mata) Shri Jasubhai Vora and Virabhai Vora between 12.30 pm to 1 pm. But, we didnt find any haunted occurrence but, our Activa was punctured and we have to come back to Main by pushing the Activa….

    1. harsh says

      i m also there when their activa punctured…

    2. harsh says

      we also talking about u are a prayer of the god KAL BHAIRAV.

  9. Deepanwita Biswas says

    I just want to know if there is a road where car doors open & shut again & again. And when you stop the car it speed up to 100 km by itself. It has a hotel where nobody is there. My maids son had all these experiance while driving to MailaDevi temple.

  10. Rohit Patel says

    Yes Its a very haunted place I haven’t seen in my life at nit 12 o clock
    Its real haunted place and I can’t even go inside in the darkness I haven’t seen in my life????????????????????

  11. raj says

    just go 12 at night in room see burns you will found what you wants and see is not a ghost but a spirit and it you want to go at early u can go at night of amavaashiya u will lishen a voice

  12. mahesh says

    hu mahesh bharwad raat na 12 vage tya ame frends sathe gya ta its a very big banglow
    raat na samaye tya bav bik lage gand fate avu andharu ame tya bd p ne gya 1 frend to mutri gyo tya eni gand fati gyi… bhai tya 1 vaar java jevu hoo baki.

  13. Anand says

    I want to learn about history of spirits who living in this palace. Enybody can tell me about that ?

    1. Ashish Gondaliya says

      Hi, Anand,

      have you revived Full story About this place

      Are you sure this placed is wanted place please share your experience

      Br//Ashish Gondaliya


  14. Rajan gadhvi says

    No i don’t think so because me uss jagah pe kai bar gaya ho din ko Rat ko 1:30 baje bhi gaya hu sirf 2 friends the . But kuch nahi hai shayad

  15. Rishit Gohel says

    Recently I did it the night out in this bungalow Me and my three friends we are four. We around 1:00 to 4:00 am spent time in this bungalow I can’t seen anything. I roam in this bungalow Evey corner. Yea when we leave the bungalow puncture of my bike and fuel tank is empty even I have a full. Not only in my bike. And I feel some one watching and around me but I think it is a police. So it’s my experience.

  16. Sufi says

    Ame bhi gya ta PAN adadhe raste j thi pachha aayva because Awadh palace no road mylo j ny

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